Plastic Bottle Bills
The valley has turned into a mountain of plastic bottles and waste materials. Outside Kampala, at the government owned landfill Kiteezi, hundreds of people work with sorting the garbage from the city, without salary from the government. 
Ruganzu Bruno and Reagan Kandole are two eco artists who have decided to uniquely take matters into their own hands and lead the struggle against injustice and environmental degradation.
Awarded for best climate film at Stockmotion Film Festival in Stockholm 2015.

Format: Short documentary
Duration: 15 min
Country: Uganda
Release: 2015

Director: Elemina Björngreen, Lina Hansson, Siri Pårup

Director of Photography: Elemina Björngreen, Lina Hansson, Siri Pårup
Editing: Elemina Björngreen, Lina Hansson, Siri Pårup
Sound: Lina Hansson
Music: Monk.E

Snapshots of "Plastic Bottle Bills"
Snapshots of "Plastic Bottle Bills"
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